Panorama Factory Batch Help

Last Update: 01/28/07


For assistance with the Batch Wizard program please send an e-mail to


We have made every effort to ensure that the Batch Wizard is compatible with the current version of Panorama Factory.  If you do find a feature of the Batch Wizard that is not functioning, we will try to correct this as soon as possible. 


Remember this is a FREE program. If you have ideas or suggestions about changes or improvements, we will review these suggestions and depending on demand, availability of the developer try to accommodate within reason.         


For support with Panorama Factory please visit or send a message to


Version Information


New Features

  • Multiple Batch Files can be run at one time
  • Multiple directories can be used by one template.  This will keep you from having to create a new template for each image that you are processing
  • Audio. You can now have the batch file play the “Panoramafactory” sound file to indicate images are completd
  • Rotate.  Used when making a thumbnail of an entire panorama. By default the 1st image will be on the far left.  This will allow you to position the first image toward the middle if desired.
  • Auto name for templates. When creating templates you can have it use the name of the image file directory to allow for consistencey.


New Features

  • Added 3rd line to batch file.  This will allow it to change to the proper drive before changing directories this resolved issues were the images were not on drive c:
  • Added option to pause at the end of a batch file.  This helps to debug the settings, when there is an issue.


New Features

  • Corrected error that caused batch file to not run on some operating systems.
  • Added version information to opening screen (previously available only by right clicking on executable file)

Corrected error that caused batch file to not run on some operating systems.

1.0 First Public Version available.

New Features

  • Context Sensitive Help added.
  • Link to Panorama Factory Batch Help added under “P” film strip
  • Link to website added
  • Email support link added
  • Project update moved to the Project Template menu. This reduced the total number of steps from nine to eight.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Previously if the user was creating their first batch file and returned to the main menu the “Edit/Run” menu was not available until the program was restarted.
  • In some circumstances the “Save” option was not displaying in red when the batch file had not bee saved. The warning message would still display if the user attempted to leave the screen without saving.
  • Previously it was possible to select to view the output in a browser window, even if no web page was asked to be created.
  • When choosing images it was not possible to use the individual image option then change to a group image option.
  • .92 Verifies that the user has 1024x768 minimum resolution (required to see some screens)
  • Ability to update a project is now included as a step in the creation process and can be edited from the edit menu
  • Creation steps are numbered 1 through 9 to make it easy for a user to see progress
  • Option to change directory views available. Default view is similar to the “browse” option in Windows, this however is limited, in that it does not return a user to a specific directory. A new “Directory” option is less graphical, but will allow a user to quickly return to a specific directory, which is helpful when selecting a directory near the current location. (This choice can be found in the “Option” selection from the main menu)
  • Previously the program would not allow for any activity after the expiration. Now the ability to Save, Delete and Run are disabled, but all other features will be allowed.
  • .91  Fixed bug to allow user to put “PF Batch Wizard” in the same directory with pfbatch.exe.  Previously if the registry or location of pfbatch.exe could not be determined, “PF Batch Wizard” would fail.
  • .90  First Beta Version released for testing